A Holiday Gift Guide || 5 of our Favorite Gift Items

A Holiday Gift Guide || 5 of our Favorite Products this season

A Holiday Gift Guide || 5 of our Favorite Products this season

Hello OB Gifters!

We hope you enjoyed browsing through our brand new site! It is a labor of love and a dream come true for us to bring this project to life at such a special time of the year. We hope you continue to come back as we will be updating it often with new pre-curated designs for you to not only delight on, but to gift to that special someone in your life!

For this second blog post, we wanted to share a list of 5 of our favorite products this season. We are in the Fall season, so it was only fitting to start with a line of pre-curated gift boxes that matched the season. As you look around our shop, you’ll notice that we have kept a warm and cozy, Fall-into-Winter feel throughout. Whether you love Fall and Winter holiday scents, keeping warm in a cozy, soft and delicate scarf or indulging in some chocolate or cocktail peanuts while sipping on some tea or cocoa…you will love each and every product in this gift guide:

 The Marquet Shawls
Who doesn’t love a nice silky shawl? Marquet Shawls are ethically made in handspun yarns by Vietnamese artisans. They are not only soft to the touch and light and airy but also perfect for both men and women to accessorize their wardrobe.  

Cacao Prieto Chocolate Bar
We love their packaging! But more so the fact that Cacao Prieto is a 100% Organic, Kosher Pareve Certified handcrafted chocolate bars made from high quality Cacao sourced from the Dominican Republic. You will find some of their delicious flavors throughout our line of boxes. They are definitely a must-have for those chocolate lovers out there!

Virginia Cocktail Peanuts

Peanuts, chocolates, cookies all go hand in hand, especially during the Holiday Season. We love Virginia Cocktail Peanuts, not only because of their quality but because the elegant packaging speaks for itself.

If we could get our hands on every candle scent that existed, we would. We love candles especially when given/received as gifts. We used several brands of candles throughout our line, because you can never go wrong with gifting a beautiful candle that bathes your space with a wonderful scent.

Keats Soap
These certified organic handmade soaps are beautiful combinations of high quality ingredients and we love that each soap scent has a fun name too!

Whether you are gifting for the holidays, a birthday, a house-warming, to a wedding party or any special occasions, any of these products will make a great addition to any gift!

Stay Inspired!


OB Team